Springfield Marine | Spring-Lock Floor Base Repair Kit (2100038)

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Springfield Marine service part

Spring-Lock floor base repair kit

Bushing One Dimensions:  W 1.905 - 2.012" X H 2.9"

Bushing Two Dimensions:   W 2.031" X H 2.875

Kit Includes:

2 Replacement Bushings (one tapered & one straight)

Wooden Mandrel

1 oz Bottle of Glue with Brush

Note: If glue becomes dried out you can reactivate the glue with an equal amount of acetone or lacquer thinner 


Instructions for installing new bushing:
Drive a screwdriver between the edge of the bushing and the inside wall of the base and pry out the old bushing.  Apply the red glue to the outside of the new bushing, place in the base and drive it in using the supplied wooden mandrel until the top of the bushing is flush with the top of the base. 


Extra Information

Springfield Marine (Service Parts)