Springfield Marine | Adjustable Table Pedestal / 3 Stage Table Pedestal | Polished Aluminum | 16-30 inches (1660236)


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Choose the height that's right for your needs with this fully adjustable telescopic pedestal. Lower or raise to any desired height between 16 - 30 inches. Whether you're looking to outfit your RV, boat deck, or patio, this pedestal provides the perfect base for a tabletop of your choice!


  • Gas Cylinder aids in raising and lowering the pedestal  
  • 3-section clamps allow for precise and easy adjustments
  • Often used in RVs, vans, and boats for table-to-bed conversion
  • Features stainless steel clamps for seamless mirror finish


Finish:  Bright Dip / Polished Aluminum

Adjustment Range:  16" - 30"

Load Capacity: 120 lbs. (the gas cylinder is only able to assist with loads up to 50 lbs.)

Base Diameter: 12"

Mounting Hole Pattern: 11" standard hole pattern; 6 fasteners

Product Q&A - answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Does the deck / floor require a hole to be cut into it in order for this pedestal to be installed?
A: No - the pedestal is equipped with a surface mount base for easy, cut-free installation

Q: Does this pedestal require electricity (12 volts) to operate?
A: Nope! The "power" in this adjustable pedestal does not require electricity. Much like how the typical office chair works, the gas cylinders provide leverage that make it much easier to raise and lower the pedestal to any desired height.

Q: There doesn't appear to be a mechanism, such as a lever, to raise and lower the pedestal - how do I make height adjustments?
A: There are two compression clamps that have a lever release. Simply unlatch the clamps and the pedestal will easily adjust to the desired height. When lowering the pedestal with a mounted tabletop, be sure to place a hand directly in the middle of the table (above where the pedestal is fixed to the table), then firmly press downward.

Q: How much weight can this pedestal hold ?
A: The maximum recommended load capacity is 120 pounds when the pedestal is static. The gas cylinder is only helpful for loads of 50 pounds or less, which means manual adjustments are required with any loads larger than 50 pounds.

Q: Can these pedestals be installed side-by-side for heavy table tops?
A: Yes! In fact, some customers choose to use two pedestals in their dinette-to-bed conversion projects. When used in tandem, the gas cylinder is twice as effective, allowing for easier adjustments. The load capacity also increases with a double-pedestal setup.



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